It’s getting close to London Chinese New Year!

London celebrates Chinese New Year every year throughout the city! Celebrations in London are mainly on the 29th and if you are in London there is only one place to be! Chinatown.

Out of China, London hosts the largest Chinese New Year festivities in the world, so get ready to celebrate!

I was in Chinatown last year for the event and it was fantastic. The place was packed! It is a fairly small Chinatown compared to others and it’s hard to move but there is such a great energy about the place.

Chinatown is situated between Piccadilly Circus and Soho. The closest tube station is Piccadilly Circus but it’s just as easy to walk from Tottenham Court Road station.

The main event is happening at Trafalgar Square but if you like being where the locals are, head to Chinatown.

CHINATOWN – London Chinese New Year location

Chinatown itself is decorated in stunning Chinese banners and lantern and shops are filled with traditional Chinese decoration. The great part is that it is completely free to wander around the streets. There are dragon parades throughout the day and plenty of music and entertainment.

Make sure you have a few pounds on you to dine on some of the fantastic Chinese food that is in the area and make a stop at the Golden Gate Cake Shop (13 Macclesfield Street) it is SO GOOD!

Stalls around the area sell small packets of fire crackers which if you toss at the ground pop! Also keep a few pounds to buy something fun at the stalls. There is plenty of Chinese bits and bobs. I bought a Chinese Budda for good luck which hangs in my house.

It might be cold so don’t forget your beanie and gloves but I must say it is well worth facing the cold.

Happy Chinese New Year!

For a full list of events go to the Visit London page which has a list of events or Time Out London .

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