Black might be back but we are still loving pink hair. It has been a trend for a while but pink hair is still super cute!  If you are reading this I imagine you are thinking about it or you already have pink hair

Photo credit: Clay Blank

The problem now is that a lot of your outfits won’t work because the tones in the pinks clash with what you are wearing.

When considering your wardrobe note that your hair is the statement, like a great purse or a pretty pair of shoes – work from the hair.

It is important to look at clothing that will compliment the style. Stick to blacks, whites and complimentary colors.


Pastels are always a great option, like this sky blue shirt with pink hair. This is because the warm tones are complimentary colors.

Remember, your choice of color should represent you so make sure you stick with your style and be playful with it.

Photo credit Antonia Bukowska

Now is the time to mess around with your outfits and see what really reflects you.

Black and White 

Black and white are always winners. Consider a leather jacket to bring out the rocker in the look.

Alternatively, pastel purple or whites with a range of pinks can really bring out the ‘doll’ look,

This look has taken on a bit of an indie following recently and works well with the high-waisted shorts or pants and crop top look of 2017.

Textures and prints 

Try to avoid anything too busy but do consider materials such as lace or tulle to complete the look.

We love the use of lace in the first pic! She looks amazing!

Have fun with it 

You probably won’t have pink hair forever, have some fun with it. Play with the style and your new sassy look.