This place is genuinely surreal. If you a a photographer or just like feeling like an escape into the wild you won’t want to miss this amazing place in Tasmania.

It really is in the middle of nowhere just past the North West coast of Tasmania. The location was given it’s unique name due to it’s location, sitting on the mouth of the Arthur River. It lies at the beginning of a fifteen thousand kilometre stretch of the Great Souther Ocean. There have been winds as great as two hundred kilometres per hour recorded.

When I arrived, there were beautiful blue skies but because if the roaring forties, there were broken trees and driftwood washed up all over the place. The sea was calm but there was a feeling of the wild about this place. It genuinely felt as if I had survived some kind of apocalypse. There was no one around and I was surrounded by these beautiful naturally orange rocks.

It is the most wild I have felt in a long time.

Getting there 

Closest airport: Launceston 

You will then need to hire a car and drive the rest of the way. Consider a stop over in the beautiful town of Stanley.