Ok, let’s talk this summer’s swimsuit. I love the beach, really love it and I am so excited that the one piece is showing up in some of the best collections around the world for summer 2018. This is mainly because I can actually swim in a one piece! There is something about the one piece that makes bodies look so good so let’s talk about how to buy one that suits you.

What to look for when shopping for a one piece swimsuit 

Keep the leg cut higher rather than lower – Unless you are going for a boy short look, a slightly higher cut on the thigh will accentuate your legs giving a longer look. We are not talking Bay Watch style but cutting right where your hip bends stunts the look. Go for something just above the join.

Work to your bust size – we come in all shapes and sizes and so does the one piece. Luckily it is more difficult to come out! If you have a fuller chest, consider a suit with built-in support which will help guide the shape you are going for. If you are a small cup size, this look works beautifully too, go for rounded necklines and low backs to allow the lines of the cut to run.

Beautiful body-con options 

Who isn’t a little self-conscious about pulling out the swimsuit after winter? Don’t be. There are some great body-con options out there this season. Asos have a great range with a variety of different cuts find the range here.

What are we loving this season? 

Low-cut backs – Ok so they might be a little less practical but exposing the feminity of the
decolletage and the back brings an elegance to the look which the one piece swimsuit does so well.

Prints! The best thing about the simple cut of the one piece is that you can really spice it up with great patterns. We are loving tropical palm prints, if you like something that stands out, go with a fun animal print! Seafolly have some great prints this year.

If you are looking for swimsuits it might be time to start prepping for those summer occasions, take a look at our article on what to wear to a beach wedding for some inspiration.



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