Have you ever tried turkish coffee? It’s rich aroma, dark thick texture give it a unique quality unlike any other.

How to make it

Traditional Turkish coffee is made in a cezve, a small copper pot with a handle.

To make it you will need finely ground coffee, water and turkish cups or fincan. Ask for a Turkish Grind when you pick up your beans, alternatively it can be found in most supermarkets.

Fill the fincan with water and pour it into the cezve. Make sure that you have enough for one cup per person. Then add a heaped spoonful of coffee per person, stir and then place over a high-medium heat. Soon the coffee will foam slightly at the top. When all you can see is foam, your coffee is ready.

How to drink it

Turkish coffee is thick and bitter so a little sugar will make it taste delightful. Traditionally it is served with a small glass of water to cleanse the palate before you taste the coffee.